Why Linkle Would Make Sense in a Main Zelda Game

I recently bough Hyrule Warriors Legends for my Nintendo 3DS. When I first heard they were going to release the game on the 3DS (as it had already released on the Nintendo Wii U), I was stoked to be able to be able to take this game on the go with me. As time passed, Nintendo revealed a little more here and there about the game. They then announced a new original character named Linkle, who many lashed out, assuming Linkle was a female Link. But turns out, she is in fact, her very own character. Her story is a pretty good one also!

Linkle is a simple Cucco farmer who believes that she is the true Hero of Time because that’s what her grandma told her. So when evil begins to plague the land of Hyrule, she’s there to *save* the day. Now with this being stated, let me tell you why exactly I think she could work in a main Zelda game and why it would be awesome!

She would add a new dynamic to the game’s story, because let’s face it, every Zelda game is essentially the same – Darkness and evil befall the land, and it’s up to Link to save the Princess and save Hyrule. But what if Linkle was to run in and try to save it as well? It would add a whole other level to the age-old story. She could hate Link at first, believing that he is a fake, as she believes SHE is the true Hero of Time, and start off as rivals. Then later on, she can perhaps come to terms with him being the true Hero of Time, and settle to be his sidekick for the remainder of the game.

Nintendo could even set it up to where you can play from both characters’ perspectives, much like what was done in Devil May Cry 2, where you played Dante’s side of the story, but you were also able to play the game from Lucia’s side of the story. It could work really, really well if done correctly.

Now, I’m not saying that Link should be replaced by Linkle, no, just… no. But why not add her in for that extra oomph in the game? Hell, you could even make it a little more interesting by adding to it that she is Link’s long-lost sister… dun, dun, DUNNN!!! Because, why not?


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